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Latest News: At the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, the Scorpion brand celebrates its 70th anniversary. Featured on this year’s stand will be the new Abarth 595 esseesse and the Abarth 124 Rally Tribute limited edition, both authentic expressions of the brand's racing soul and its glorious past in motorsport. The 595 esseesse is a homage to the legendary Sixties tuning kit, successfully reprised back in 2009 on the Abarth 500 while the 124 Rally Tribute, is an acknowledgement to the Abarth 124 rally, after an enormously successful season culminating in victory in the FIA R-GT Cup and the European Rally Championship in 2018. New Abarth 595 esseesseThe stunning Abarth 595 esseesse is back, breathing new life into a name deeply rooted in the brand's history, when tuning kits designed to boost the performance of mass production cars made Karl Abarth's fortune as the inventor. 1964 saw the debut of the first Abarth 595 esseesse, tuned with the aid of a Solex 34 PBIC carburettor and a special intake manifold, cast in a single piece of light alloy with the valve cover, boosting its power to 32hp. On the outside, the car was recognisable by the rubber ties securing the bonnet instead of the usual lock and the enamelled Abarth logo. Inside, the "mean little Scorpion" displayed distinctive badges, with the "SS" monogram in capital letters on the bonnet and boot, and "esseesse" in full on the dashboard. It was an immediate success with Italian sports car enthusiasts. This success was repeated in 2009 by the “esseesse” tuning kit for the Abarth 500, which appeared in 2008. The tuning increased the engine's power to 160hp and modified the suspension setup, with Eibach lowering springs, alongside a higher-powered braking system and other racing-inspired content. Today, 10 years later, the iconic “esseesse” returns to the top of the Abarth range, and is equipped with the brand's most powerful 180hp engine.  In the best Abarth tradition, this 595 is made truly special by standard equipment that provides an exciting driving experience, always accompanied by the unmistakable deep roar of the Abarth by Akrapovic exhaust system, which combines outstanding performance with an exciting sound. The new Abarth 595 esseesse also features a high-performance Brembo front braking system, with perforated, ventilated front brake discs and oversize red brake calipers. The braking system is able to realign the brake pads with the disc's braking surface, for rapid heat dispersal and improved response when braking. The new Abarth 595 esseesse is identified by 17-inch Supersport alloy wheels with a new Racing White finish, Abarth side stripes, mirror caps and matching front and rear DAM. Also standard is an air filter “by BMC”, providing better intake air flow capacity with obvious benefits for engine combustion quality, power output and performance. The new Abarth 595 esseesse's equipment is completed by Koni FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) rear suspension. The 595 includes navigation with the 7-inch Uconnect HD touchscreen system, including Abarth Telemetry, Apple CarPlay support and Android AutoTM compatibility* as standard. *Android Auto, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC. Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. The Abarth 595 esseesse's racing personality is clearly expressed by “Sabelt 70” sports seats with carbon rear shell, and the carbon pedals. What's more, a whole new range of Sabelt seats is now available on the 595, marking Abarth's 70th birthday with the number 70 embroidered on the cover. These seats are even further improved in their shapes, inserts and padding, for an even more intense driving experience. This new Abarth features the “esseesse” badge which, together with the "70th anniversary" logo, makes this sports car truly unique and exclusive. Full UK specification will be released in the coming weeks. Abarth 124 Rally TributeThe Geneva show hosts the global debut of the new Abarth 124 Rally Tribute, celebrating the "124 rally" racing car's triumph in the 2018 FIA R-GT Cup, as well as 40 class victories in the 12 national championships in which it competed. Produced in a limited edition of just 124 cars and not destined for the UK, the new Abarth 124 Rally includes as standard, a commemorative badge on the mudguards and inside the cockpit, as well as a numbered metal plaque. The exclusive stylistic characterisation and generous standard equipment transform this car into an emblem of the brand's core values: performance, craftsman-like care and technical excellence. The new Abarth 124 Rally Tribute is available in two bodywork colours, Costa Brava Red and Turini White, both combined with matte black bonnet, a reference to the historic Abarth 124 Rally. In addition, the mirror caps and DAM are in gunmetal grey with Costa Brava Red livery, or Racing Red with Turini White paintwork. Lifestyle  Abarth will present its new licensing collaboration projects, which evoke the brand’s values and pay homage to the Scorpion’s 70th anniversary.  The two new products on show at the Geneva Motor Show were created especially to mark the 70th anniversary of the Abarth brand: A titan chronograph watch by Breil, with unmistakable Abarth band and the iconic celebratory Scorpion emblem. The new Ixoost HIFI audio system with integrated Bluetooth™ amplifier connected to the replica of the famous Record Monza exhaust, will also be on display.

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6th June 2016



Citroën has released details of its innovative new suspension technology as part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, which will ultimately deliver unrivalled levels of on-road comfort for owners of all Citroën models.

For almost a century, comfort has been closely linked with the Citroën brand, in the same way that design and innovation has been part of its DNA. However, as expectations and driving habits have evolved, so too has the definition of comfort. The Citroën Advanced Comfort®programme addresses the expectations of today’s motorists with its all-new progressive hydraulic cushion suspension system, new seat technologies, improved body rigidity and acoustics, all to filter out road noise and vibrations. This is combined with a more simplified, yet rewarding, cabin environment.

Citroën is demonstrating these advances via a prototype C4 Cactus known as the ‘Citroën Advanced Comfort® Lab’. New C4 Picasso range, which goes on sale in the UK on 1 September, is the first model to benefit from selected elements of the programme. To register your interest in New C4 Picasso, click here.


Comfort means different things to different people. Indeed, a multitude of parameters contribute to the driving experience - damping, body stability, acoustics, seats, light, space, ergonomics and cabin layout. The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme addresses all of these variables to deliver comfort that is characteristic of the brand and sets it apart from the rest of the market.

Starting with New C4 Picasso, it is the brand’s intention to deliver its new technologies progressively over time on every model in the Citroën range, from C1 city car through to larger models. The programme, which Citroën will use to reaffirm its credentials and expertise in the field of comfort, has four simple objectives:

• Filter out any exterior interference for a cocoon-like ride, with solutions for the suspension, vibrations and acoustics that deliver ‘driving comfort’.

• Simplify life on board with generous space, functional storage compartments and an ingenious layout to provide well-being and ‘living comfort’.

• Create an even easier driving experience with intuitive technology, driving aids that can be used every day, and digital continuity between the driver and the car to offer greater ‘functional comfort’.

• Ensure peace-of-mind for the driver by displaying only information that is truly useful, and creating a relaxed interior ambience that provides ‘comfort of the mind’.


C4 Picasso range already sets the standard in the MPV sector. The recently revealed versions aim even higher with more welcoming interiors, generous equipment and enhanced dynamic qualities. In this way, New C4 Picasso models perfectly illustrate how the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme is set to deliver greater overall well-being for all occupants.


The ‘Citroën Advanced Comfort® Lab’ prototype C4 Cactus is the focal point of the brand’s redefinition of on-road comfort.

When a car drives over a bump or dip, the disturbance is passed through the cabin and onto the occupants in three stages: the suspension action, the vibrations are then transferred to the vehicle body and the vibrations are felt by the passengers through the seats. Addressing this chain of events, the ‘Citroën Advanced Comfort® Lab’ prototype features three innovations that singularly, then collectively, reduce the vibrations felt by the passengers and thus significantly improve driving comfort.

Suspension systems with progressive hydraulic cushions

Whereas a conventional suspension system is comprised of shock absorbers, springs and mechanical stops, Citroën's new system adds two progressive hydraulic cushions - one for rebound and one for compression - at the top and bottom of each suspension unit. In this way, the suspension functions in two ways depending on the road surface:

• In cases of slight compression and rebound, the springs and shock absorbers work together to control vertical movement without needing the hydraulic cushions. However, the new cushions provide the vehicle with greater freedom to deliver a ‘magic carpet’ ride, creating the impression that the car is flying over any bumps and dips in the road;

• In cases of more significant compression and rebound, the springs and shock absorbers work together with the hydraulic cushions at the ends of the suspension travel. These new cushions gradually slow the movement, rather than having abrupt stops at the extremes of compression and rebound. Unlike a conventional mechanical stop, which absorbs the energy then partially returns it, the hydraulic cushion absorbs and dissipates the energy.

Structural body bonding

When the suspension has completed the damping process, the energy created by the irregular road surface is transferred to the vehicle body. The use of structural bonding techniques will significantly reduce this occurrence, thanks to increased overall stiffness. Using an industrial process specific to Citroën, the structural parts of the vehicle are bonded together using a discontinuous line of adhesive. An electrical weld point is positioned wherever the line of adhesive is interrupted to ensure optimum rigidity during assembly. This eliminates the toxic smoke that would be generated by welding and burning the adhesive.

Seats inspired by the world of bedding

A car’s seats provide the first impressions of comfort - from visual aesthetics to the reduction of on-road vibrations for the occupants.

The new seats provide a better combination of comfort and all-important posture support thanks to the introduction of different foam densities. In addition, Citroën took inspiration from the bedding industry and how it has developed its memory-foam mattresses.

By using several layers of special materials (polyurethane foam, viscoelastic or textured foam), Citroën has mirrored this bedding technology to deliver memory seats that adapt perfectly to the body shape of each person. With these unique properties, the seats regain their original shape from one passenger to the next.

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